About me

Hi, my name is Borut and I`m a web developer from Slovenia. I studied mathematics, computer science and economics, but never really made it. Instead of pursuing university degree, I went into website business with my friends, where I basically am today. The knowledge and experience, I gained during this time, was priceless. And If I were to choose again, I would probably follow the same path. Anyway, these days I have decided to unite my work and passion because it`s what I always wanted and I`m glad to had taken a step in this direction.

The reason that I`ve started working on this project is because I also created greek-gods.org and noticed the increase of interest in sources of the content. So I figured, if I`m doing this in the first place, why not put all the work somewhere. I`m well aware how important is to have a source these days, so now I`m willing to put all my work here before I even start writing new content. In the past, although I double checked all my sources for the content, I just wrote down the book or website, from where the information was gathered and used. But now the plan has changed and I`m determined to create quality content, supported with quality sources.

Currently I`m both author and publisher of all the work on this website but that may change in the future. If you have a research of your own that you deem better than the current or is not on this webiste yet and are prepared to share you can always contact me. Of course you will be credited as author and I may even be willing to pay for it.


The only three pictures, that are on the front page of this website, were taken from Wikimedia Commons which is in the public domain.

Recommended Books