Why are mythology sources important?

Well, it`s pretty obvious. Having a source in today`s world, where is so much misinformation and false information, is a must. The same goes for mythology even though there is a slight difference between modern and ancient info. In our information era we can check for credibility most of the time, while checking for credibility of ancient sources is a pretty much mission impossible. It`s true that in those times there weren`t as much fabricated stories as today, if any at all, and most of the literature can be compared to other authors from the same era or at least eras adopting same belief system. It`s also true that authors were, beside their own knowledge and oral tradition, gathering info by reading literature of their predecessors and that influenced their works. Of course each author had his own way of addressing the public and spark their interest so some of the provided information can be a bit exaggerated but considering the similarity of the content and other physical evidence such as monuments, paintings, coins, vases, architecture, etc...that all point to back to these stories, we can safely say that they aren`t completely made up out of thin air. Well as far as ancient belief goes because we don`t have any scientific evidence that any of it really happened. That is why it`s called mythology and even if we look at it as creative writing, these works are still considrered as primary sources, simply because they were created through the eyes of people living in those eras.

Going through mythological sources, however, reveals that there are some contradictions between statements of different authors. And since we cannot determine who was right and who wrong in his work, we can only write down either statement backed with the right source because without one, your claim is hanging on the line. We can also write down both for that matter, just backed with both sources. As far as I know variety is always welcome.

It is also important to note that most of the myths or tales predate eras of the authors but were important recordings of the origins of their belief. So in a way these myths were their own history recordings even though we consider them as fictional.

The purpose of this website and long-term goal

The main goal of this website is to store and present as many mythological characters and events as possible. Despite having also my personal notes for each character, it`s also its goal to provide you with sources and make you interpret and decide for yourself. It`s true that this is not an easy thing to do by only reading fragments of the whole book. It really depends on your necessity. By using these sources you can`t expect any doctor degree studies but more like a comparison of different intact primary sources out there. Despite having selected sources myself, I will try to be as objective as possible and leave the interpretation to yourself. You may also expect some secondary sources and references for additional information about particular character.

As for the long-term goal, the plan is to include as many different mythologies as it gets, starting with the most popular Greek mythology which will be the priority and will probably take some time before going through all the characters and events(e.g. Titanomachy, Ages of Man, Creation of the World...). Here and there you can expect some additions on Egyptian and Norse mythology. But other mythologies are light years away because this is not my full-time job, yet. So please be patient because this is a process and a very time consuming work.

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